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[URGENT] Open Letter to EVERYONE serious with the N500K or haven’t started because they don’t know What to do?

Here is the honest truth.

When I started the 500,000 challenge this year, I told myself that I will NEVER try to profit from this challenge.

So it has always been me in the background, pushing people to go for their dreams and hit their goals.

But the problem is I see a lot of people struggle to hit the challenge for THREE REASONS:

One; they are in the wrong business.

Two; the strategies they are using don’t work.

Three; they don’t know what to do.

So at the beginning of this challenge, I told myself I was going to HELP as much as I can to help people hit that goal.

This was why I created ‘’The Ninja Marketing System’’, because in my head – if people can have THE RIGHT offer for whatever it is they sell, then they can make a lot of money

But then, some days ago I asked a question ‘’what stage are you in your N500k Challenge’’, and it seems very few people have even started.

And the ones trying to start are STUCK, because they don’t know what and how to do.

Which means, not just having an offer, people need extra help

So I thought to myself:

What if I can actually go on to take EVERYONE, who wants; through the journey of zero to their first 500,000 naira – myself?

The one way I am sure anyone can get to a half a milion naira FAST and easily is through selling INFORMATION PRODUCTS.

I have done it, easily and repeatedly – OVER and over again, in across 10 niches.

So I know how sweet info product money can be.

You don’t have to worry about delivery agents, about POD, about rentals, about Returns – most of what you get is PURE PROFITS, and you make all that money working from your bed (for me, I work on my reading table – whatever works for you).

But the fact is; this subject is huge. Secondly, i don’t like teaching how to make money online. I have always kept to teaching sales & marketing.

And if i will teach this, I will have to do it well – teach product research, funnel building, traffic, conversion, copy writing, email marketing, list building & closing.

The A – Z, and no – this is advanced.

Most of the people here are doing it wrong, and don’t know half what I want to share on this.

In fact, thats why we take 8-16 Weeks to finish teaching and coaching them.

Which is about 3 Months. And trust me, the testimonies and results will and has always been mad.

It is a Practical hands-on training that will show how to make at least 250,000 – 500,000 every month selling information products.

Every training comes with homework, and by the time we are done you’d have created your products, your funnel, your marketing material – everything.

Which means it is a training and a done with you at the same time.

The problem is this, in as much as I want to give this out for free. 3 Months is a lot of months.

I have to do this while running my businesses, which means if I have to do it all then i have to charge for it

And the least I can charge for this is 20,000 naira. The least.

And trust me that is me being nice – because everything I will teach you is the same thing they charge $497 for in the American market (179,417 Naira)

But thing is, I can’t do this unless I have at least 25 persons interested in paying for it.

25, nothing less – nothing more.

So here is what to do.

If you want it, and you are willing to pay 20,000 naira for this 3 Months training comment ‘YES’ in the comment box.

Or Click this link to get access to this program and then send a “Ninja 90days” WhatsApp message to me to 07066117944

When I get your Yes, I will do it – if I don’t, then we leave it like that.

See you inside

WARNING: Please, don’t comment if you are not serious about this training, because everyone that comments or messages me via WhatsApp will get a payment link sent to them personally by me.

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