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Secret RoadMap To $1,000+ month

Are you curious about how you could add an extra income to what you do?

Search no further, your prayers has just been answered.

I’ll be sharing with you my secret to $1,000 a month.

$1000 per month is very possible,

Some days back, when my friend said that, so many persons was asking, how how how?

Let’s assume $1000 is like #400000…

To make $1000 per month,

First you want to break it down, so you see and believe it’s achievable,

So let’s divide it by 30 days in a month,

or better still let’s go by 25 working days in a month,

That will give us $1000 ÷ 25 = $40

So what that suggests is that for you to make $1000 in 25 days, you will have to make just $40 each day,

So how can you make $40 in a day,

What I want to say now, if I say it, it will sound cliche to you,

But nevertheless, I will still say it because i can’t seem to find how to dodge it,

See my friend,

There are so many ways you can use to make $40 in a day,

But should I start telling you about those many ways?

If I do, it will leave you confused and not knowing which one to choose,

So what I rather do is tell you just one,

And which one is that?

Glad you asked,

The simplest way I know that you can use to make $40 in a day even if:

….you don’t have a product,

..You don’t have big capital,

..You don’t have a website,

..You don’t have a large audience,

..You don’t have any prior experience aside from how to press phone and laptop,

..You don’t know how to sell, in fact, you haven’t sold a pin before in your life,

….{you can insert other things you don’t have here}

That simplest way is BROKERAGE,

What’s that exactly?

I will explain.

Pay close attention here,

There are so many problems people are struggling with in this life,

…as you reading this now, I bet you have a couple of them.

Infact let me be blunt here,

You don’t know how to make $1000 in a month, that’s even why you reading this, isnt it?


Now since people have so many problems that they are going through and that they needs solved,

What do you do?

You want to pick just one of those problems, I said one. (Step 1)

After picking one problem, what next?

You can either choose to start creating a solution for them, which is fine,


I must warn you, going by that route isn’t that easy because of some reasons I can’t begin to explain now,

Then another route you can take which I will suggest you do is…

…To find a product that has already been created by another person or company that can solve that problem you picked in step one,

And the next thing you want to do is to find where those people who needs that solution are,

and you know what?

Sell it to them,

If the above is your answer, you failed it,

Yes you failed it because if you go trying to sell people,

most especially those who don’t know you from anywhere, they will refuse to buy even though they have the problem that the product solves,

So what do you do then?

Go to them and “RECOMMEND” Aka “BROKERAGE” the product as the solution to their problem to them,

Reread the above line again, this time take notice of the word in caps,

It reads “RECOMMEND“,

Yes that’s because when you are recommending something to someone, they are open to take it up because they see you as HELPING them instead of SELLING to them,

Got it?

Now all you want to do since you are going for a product that is already created by another person is to either look for a product that pays a certain good percentage commission,

Pick that product and start recommending it to people who needs them,

it can be:

1 product or service that pays $40 in commission so you just need to make one sale per day,


2 products that pays $20 in commision so you just need to make 2 sales per day,


4 products or services that pays $10 in commission, so you just need to make 4 sales per day,

whichever one you go for will help you crush that goal of making $40 per day.

How difficult is it to make 4 sales of an affiliate product?

Honestly it can look like rocket science to you, something that’s not possible when you don’t know how to,

But if you know how to, you will see that it’s very easy to achieve,

I personally didn’t know how to do this before now until I learnt how it’s done,

You too can learn how it’s done if you want to,

Just that it can cost you some bucks, like $997 in investments in courses or more,

But what if I told you that there’s a way you can learn all the skills you need to crush $1000 per month for free today and you are also handed products to promote?

Would that interest you?

Would you want that?

If Yes, click here to go over the part 2 of the “Secret to $1,000 a month series where I share a bit more about it plus a special Cheat Sheet you can leverage to get started ASAP

PS: Thanks for reading… 

Taking action is what matters right now…

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