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Lead Gen 101: First Step To Attracting Prospects

Lead Gen made simple:

First let’s talk about what you don’t need (because I know there’s a ton of people determined to overcomplicate this thing).

You DON’T need…

An ebook

A webinar

A lead magnet

Piles of content

A low ticket course

To post on every platform.

There’s really only a couple things you need to get right consistently.

Your offer, your messaging, and your sales process. – OMS

Let’s start with your offer.

“Wait, I thought we were talking about lead gen.”

Yes. We are. This is a crucial “first piece of the puzzle.”

You’ll never zero in your messaging until you’ve locked down your offer… so that needs to come first.

Your offer needs to solve ONE big problem for ONE specific type of person.

If you run around trying to be everything to everyone, your efforts are too scattered.

Your messaging will be all over the place and you’ll never you’ll never attract ideal prospects.

Next is your messaging.

You don’t need to debate about “where your perfect prospect is.”

And you don’t need to post on every single platform.

I call this the SOS principle.

I share more about this to my students and clients.

One of the principles is picking a platform.

Pick ONE to start.

Talk about YOUR PROSPECT on that platform.

Talk about their struggles, their false belief patterns, their big PROBLEM.

Showcase the way your offer solves their problem.

Show them how it can help. What life could be.

And then… and this is the important part…


It doesn’t matter what platform you do it on.

At this stage of the game, your prospect is literally all over the internet.

Getting them to listen is about what you say consistently… not where you’re saying it.

Lastly, your sales process.

This is a big topic for another day… but here’s what you need to know about it with regards to lead gen…

You need to STOP trying to use more leads to solve sales problems.

If you’re attracting ideal prospects and you’re not making many sales… more leads is not the solution.

The solution is you need to improve your sales skills.

Let’s take a N25000 offer for example…

You only need to sell it 4 times a month to hit N100k

Which means you don’t need this big automated lead generation engine.

You don’t need something feeding you hundreds of leads per month.

All you really need is enough to book 3-5 calls a week.

And then get that closing rate up.

It’s that simple.

But if you want some more lead gen resources, I’ve got you covered.

I’ve put together a little free bundle of trainings from our private collection.

All of them specifically about lead gen.

But I want to make sure you want it before I go ahead and package it up to you.

To show me you’re interested, click here to send me a message via WhatsApp with the keyword ? “Offer”.

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