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How To Use The “GodFather Strategy” To Become A Celebrity In ANY Niche in 90 Short Days…

…what I’m about to show you is hardcore!

Using these strategies you can be able to host a seminar, pull your shirt at the hall, fling it into the crowd and have every single person in the room SCRAMBLING for that shirt,

….because they see you the exact same way lovers of Nigerian music see Wizkid or Davido or Flavour.

Before I had an understanding of this, I was hopeless.

But then, one day, I stumbled on a book written by a coach.

In the opening paragraph, he talked about Wizkid; which song made him popular?

“Holla at your boy”. Isn’t it?

Dbanj? – “why me” (Crazy song that year)

Tuface – “African Queen” (Almost every dude with hormones sang this to a girl during midnight calls that year)

Are you seeing a pattern?

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If you are not seeing a pattern yet, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you are a dumbass.

You will get it in a bit.

Let’s look at celebrities who became celebrities,

…from writing books.

Chinua Achebe; which book comes to mind – “Things fall apart”

Robert Kiyosaki – “Rich Dad Poor Dad”

Reality TV Stars

Kim Kardashian – her sex tape with Ray was what took her from an unknown Hollywood wannabe into a household name!

Do you see the pattern now?

To become a celebrity in your niche, you need what EVERY celebrity has.

Which is what?

A GodFather Strategy!

Nobody becomes a celebrity

without The GodFather Strategy.

Olajumoke needed a picture of herself carrying bread to become a celebrity. That photograph was her GodFather Strategy.

Justin Bieber needed some videos of him singing populated on YouTube which led to his first record label signing. Those videos were his Godfather Strategy.

A GodFather Strategy is a marketing tweak that combines a 3 step framework:

Content + Storytelling + Psychology,

…which makes you get clients & Customers Non-stop by simply making prospects hunger to work with you because of the “godlike image” you’ve created in their mind.

Here’s a glimpse of how we used this for some clients which you could replicate right now.

Interest in learning how it works? Watch this Video Training to see them LIVE in Action

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