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How To Use Godfather Strategy To Position Yourself As An Expert

I see many newbies struggling with making sales.

A lot are frustrated to the point of giving up on their business.

You see…

In this online world, nobody wants to buy from novice.

Nobody wants to be guided by a newbie no matter how good he may appear to be.

However, everyone wants to associate with experts.

Everyone wants to bam with the big boys…


And It’s not a bad thing.

That’s how the world works

People don’t want someone that’s just trying to learn how things work.

They want somebody that’s already in the game and have fully understood how it works, to help them prevent making mistakes.

They simply want experts.

The same thing applies to online prospects.

They don’t want to buy from newbies.

Because they think you won’t be able to solve their problems

Imagine someone who wants to buy 5 plots of land,

…even if you have the best property he needs,

…in the best location he desires at a mouth-watering and affordable price,

…Once they perceive you as a newbie, they will zoom off.

They aren’t wicked.


They aren’t using you to get info.

You just didn’t prove yourself to them, well enough.

You have to make them believe that you’re an expert.

You have to position yourself as an expert.


By simply using The Godfather Strategy

But it’s true because we have tried it and it works every damn time.

Our students have even used it by combining it with the Oprah Effect,

…and it’s so fantastic and still working.

Godfather Strategy is simply a method of selling without really selling.

Without appearing salesy.

One of our students used it, in about a week,

…And within that short period, got over 75+ leads and 5 conversions.

All done Organically.

Without running ads.

Imagine the results that would be pulled when ads is set up?

I also have loads of people whom I’m still nurturing and will eventually convert soon.


Because when I make an update, a lot of people rush to my DM,

Those that didn’t come to us, when we go to their DM, they quickly open their doors,

They were ready to welcome me.

That was how smart people get leads and conversions.

But why did they welcome me or came to me in the first place?

What attracted them to me?


I used contents but not just anyhow contents,

…valuable contents.

Combined with Storytelling + Psychology.

When they read it, their inner-self tells them that this guy knows it.

He knows his onions…

They make themselves believe that I’m an expert.

They perceive it.

How do I use this Godfather Strategy of a thing?

How do you even come up with contents + storytelling + psychology,

…that helps you sell without selling and converts people to pay easily.

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