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Client Attraction Magnet: How To CONVINCE ANYBODY To BUY What You Sell EASILY. Non-Stop.

Greetings, dear friend,

Have you searched for how to convince people to buy your products easily? Look no further.

A few weeks ago, I promised an EPIC content-filled, yet actionable article the following day, on how to convince people to buy your products/service easily.

I didn’t keep to my word, and I am sorry. In-between having to wrap up client work before the end of this month and getting a little investment stream set, I was literally choked for time.

Forgive me. :-)


ADVANCE WARNING: This will be quite a long read, but here’s MY PROMISE – 


If you read this post to the end and you do not see any single way it will put at least =N=50,000 in your pocket within 30 days, let me know, and I’ll send you, your times worth.

Alright, let’s go!


What I want to show you is how to create a marketing sales funnel, that has your bank account dancing “shaku shaku” with cash all day long, every day.


Why am I qualified to share with you this?

Because of the lessons, I’ve learned by:

¬ setting up a marketing system for products that pulled in over 6 figures in sales in just the first few days it launched; from a product, people said DOESN’T sell…& CAN’T Work.

¬ doing 6 Figures selling consulting, and digital product online

¬ working with and handling the marketing of a network of business people that includes some of the most successful business people in the Nigerian internet marketing space…

And here’s another thing…

There are two things I want you to “get” before we dive in really deep.

These two things will help you understand and assimilate better what I am about to teach you:

The Goal Setting Phase

You MUST decide how small or big a business, you want to build.

Gone are the days when I used to think everybody wants to make at least 6 figures per month.


Some people simply want to make just 100% more what they currently earn at their job or business and they will be “just” fine. Others like me want to become billionaires and give tithes in Millions.

However, All desires are valid.

So, you have to decide, how big a business you want to build and then arrange your business to give you that income. Because this will determine your approach and your pace.

Someone who wants to make just an extra N10,000 a month will act and MUST do things differently from someone who wants to make N100,000 a month.

Your niche determines the kind of products you can create, how much you can charge for those products and how much income you will make.

Don’t get sucked into the fallacy that you can charge as high as you want for anything you are selling. That’s not true.

A person selling chin-chin or cheese balls, can NEVER charge as much as N50,000 selling it per piece. Never. (I stand corrected)

Come closer lemme paint the picture more closely for you…?

An example: Pure water in a sachet cannot ever sell for more than N10 or N20, so long as there’s no drought in Nigeria. It doesn’t matter how much “value” you add to a sachet of water – use filtered water, coloured sachet, ice cold, add sugar – it’s intrinsic price won’t ever go up above N10 or N20.

The market has been thus CONDITIONED.

Let’s say all you want your business to do is make you =N=100,000 a month.

Your expertise is in helping men with their relationship problem or helping people Relocate to Canada.

The best products you can sell is probably a N5,000 e-book, plus a special package which has a unique way of solving other problems they may have.

For instance, for the men problem, some special package could be: how to get her to say, yes within 15mins; how to increase your confidence around ladies FASTER; How to make her worship you; How to Get Any Ladies number within 5mins etc

For the Canada Relocation, some special package could be: Best ways to answer questions without being rejected; how to process your Visa within 3days; How to get a high-paying Canadian job at your arrival etc for say another =N=15,000.

So that’s a =N=20,000 package. When you remove costs, it’ll probably go down to =N=15,000.

Now to make N100,000 each month, you’ll have to sell 6 of these packages. If you go over and above this cost price, you’ll face an uphill struggle selling your product.

But let’s say you can treat coronavirus for real and a sufferer is cured, how much do you think you can charge and see people willingly pay? N500,000? N1 million? N5 million? N10 million?


My point is – depending on your income goal, choose what you want to sell wisely.


Do not aim to make N10 million a month and be selling just an e-book or “coaching” on “how to have a golden voice” for N2,500 a piece for the e-book or N10,000 for coaching. It will take you forever to hit N100,000 per month, if at all.

Contrast it to you selling marketing services to real estate firms. You can bill them N100,000 every month and hit your goal with just one client.

Take me, for instance, that got to hit 6figures in less than 72hrs with just 5 clients. You can read about it here

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I’ve carefully put together a training for you at the end of it.

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See you inside.

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