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Abundance Mindset Plus 4 Ways To Build On it

Someone asked this question from my Smart Income mastermind group.

She said:

“When you talk about Abundance Mindset? Can you throw small light… maybe break it down a bit”

Here is My reply and I thought I should share an excerpt with you:


We have 2 types of mindset:

  • Positive Mindset
  • Wealth/Abundance Mindset

Having an abundance mentality is about having a prosperity mindset.

It is about believing that there is unlimited wealth in this world that is available to all of us who will reach out and grab it.

But most of us were brought up in homes where we were taught to be modest and not to think big and this has affected our mindset.

We have seen a lot of lack and poverty around and somehow, this has poisoned our mindset to think that there is only a little for each person which is why many people are even afraid to think big or see themselves achieving any great feature in life.

But the good thing is that we can all reprogram this mindset by exposing ourselves to a lot of prosperity.

It is why I moved away from my little town to better place and now working towards another big move..

It is also why I go out to exotic places once in a while to expose my mind to prosperity.

E.g. Few week back, I had a N15,000 lunch in a hotel restaurant with a friend.

I don’t do this all the time.

I do it about once in a month or more to put myself in that atmosphere in order to see, feel and smell prosperity

That is how you reprogram your mind for abundance

But you don’t have to spend plenty of money to do this

While I was there, I noticed a young guy who bought a bottle of Malt and was sipping on it for almost 2 hours that I spent there.

A bottle of Malt in this Hotel cost N1200 but what the guy is going to absorb for being in such environments is worth more.

The opposite of an abundance mindset is the scarcity mindset.

It is what a lot of people have.

It is why they think paying N10,000 for an information that will enrich their lives is too much and they keep to it instead and eventually spend the money on food or some other thing that does not increase in value.

E.g. Some months back, I was talking about how I made N498,000 in 17 days and there was this “poor guy” who was ranting that it was a lie and that it is impossible. Except I do Yahoo.

What happens when you tell such guy about the day you made N1m in 3days?

People with such mindsets never achieve anything unless they change.

Make it a commitment to keep expanding your prosperity mindset everyday.

Here Are 4 Ways You Can build on this?

  • Read books ? 
  • Get closer to people with prosperity mindsets.
  • Go out to environments where such people are.
  • Go to a car showroom and price a brand new car even if you can’t pay for it right now.

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I hope this helps.

I celebrate you.

PS: Thanks for reading…

Taking action is what matters right now…

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