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Lessons From An Aboki Gateman About Money

Sometimes ago we needed a gateman in our compound where my uncle reside.

Someone brought this Aboki guy to us for the job

We interviewed him and negotiated what we will be paying him

He told us bluntly that the amount we offer him is small

We promised to increase the salary after 3 months

So he accepted the offer

The first month ended and we paid him the negotiated amount

2 days after he received his salary, he approached me.

“Oga! I’m selling card ooo if you wan buy”

I said OK! Meanwhile, I’m not used to buying card offline

A day after, I saw him open a little store

He started selling stuff like biscuit, drinks, soaps and other immediate domestic things

I was surprised

Suddenly, a thought came through my mind

That made me understand that the Aboki was just being smart…

He realized the only way he can multiply his income was by selling something

The money we offered him was a peanut but he needed a place to leverage on and start selling…

So he accepted our meager offer and leveraged on it…

That was when I fully realized that the only way you can multiply your income is by selling something either physical or digital product

Come to think about it, If you render service to earn, there is a limit to what you can earn because the service you render is limited to a certain period.

For example, you work as a teacher or a banker. You can only work in a bank at a time

You can’t work in 2 banks simultaneously and you can only get paid once

But if you sell something, your income can never be limited just like someone that renders a service to earn

I don’t know if you get the message am passing here

And the good thing is that social media has made selling easy but only a few of us are aware of this fact

Because of what I learned from the Aboki guy

I took my time to learn how I could leverage on the internet to Multiply my Income and in over 3years+ I’ve come to realize that there are businesses with a good ROI you could do…


a lot of people don’t know how to go about it…

So I have compiled a comprehensive report on what and how to get these businesses started

They are:

NLP Marketing, Information Marketing, Real estate marketing, and the likes

To Download this FREE report, click the link below or click on the learn more button

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