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3 Steps “ PBL Funnel System Revealed” That You Can Use Easily To Grow Your Business And Make Huge Profit

We smart marketers have come once again.

STOP whatever you are doing now because we are going to throw explosive into your business or services.

If don’t pay attention to what I am going to say.

Watch out for this !

Well, I am not here to fight but for us to look at this case study and apply it in our business.

And return to this platform for your testimonies, modification, improvement and addition to this “the funnel system”.

Let dive into it

As a marketing consultant in a school system, a rich parent of one of the students approached me.

This was some month back.

He said he’d like to open a school in summer and every facilities is on ground.

But, he said he needs marketing strategy to grow the school in this competitive environment.

I decided to give out one of my online funnel systems to him for implementation.

Let see how it goes.

Just a sneak peek into it…

Case Study: School Business

Recommend strategy: PBL Ninja Funnel System

Explanation Of The Funnel System:

P stands for promotion:

this aspect covers the ad, distribution and value.

The Ad:

we will prepare beautiful captivating filers with caption on it just like this

“ Enrol Your Ward In this Coming Summer Class To Win Brand New TV Value #120k”


we will get young boys around and give them little amount of money to share these flairs around to potential parents.

Value :

there will be free teaching and chocolate sweet for the students on every Monday and Friday during the Summer. (To get result from this, a knowledge in “I help” is key ?.)

B stands for build your customers List:

this aspects cover form and code.

Form :

we will prepare registration form that we can use to collect name, email and phone number of parents and students.

So that we can reach them with SMS and mails.


there will be serial number as a code on the form.

We will tell the parents to buy the form for 5k with the code on it for them to be among the lucky winner when the raffle draw will be done.

Just to qualify them to be a buyer.

L stands for Lunch :

This aspect covers announcement, selling high product or services and affiliate program

Announcement :

At the end of the summer coaching, we are going to announce the winner of the Tv through raffle draw in the present of the parents.

Selling High product or services :

Admission letter will be given to parents with price of school fee of 45k.

There is condition attached to the school fee for the action taker

Pay the school fee in nest two days and get 10℅ discount.
And 5% discount for payment in one week time

Affiliate Program :

There is a strong catch for parents who bring 5 parents to register their children to the school system.

And the catch is 50% discount of their child’s fee.

Let’s look at in this projection:

If we recorded 150 parents that will buy the form for 5k that is 750k

And spend 250k for TV and other things. We will be having profit of 500k. Just for form.

Then the big huge profit will come from the school fee.

To your success,

Kelechi George (Mr. Capacity)

To deeply understand how we replicated this again in a lazy man’s way of helping busy workers or students or people without skills hit $1,000 per month, click here to read about the roadmap

PS: please study it, apply it in any business and come to tell us the your result, modification and improvement.

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