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Starting a business that is profitable has never been this easy. You no longer need the mortar and brick office or store to actually build a sustainable business that takes care of your bills.

The internet has broken so many barriers that once existed. With just your mobile smart phone and an internet connection, you are good to go.

Without wasting much of your time, let’s jump straight in to the real deal.

For you to actually make money online/offline, you need to follow this simple rewarding process. You have to sell, no man survives without selling. But how do you know what to sell? I mean there are products that customers actually begs you to buy, not you begging them to buy from you. I know that’s the kind of product you wanna sell.  Below is the 3 steps on how to unravel such products.

1) discover a problem:

I wanted to just write “problem” as the number one step here but then I got a second thought. Actually there are so many problems in the world we live in but not all problems that people are ready to pay for.

And you are not trying to run a charity organization. Or do you?

So you need to DISCOVER those problem people are struggling to get solution to. Talk about marrying for women between the age of this time,there is no longer time for side chicking.they need solution(husband) like crazy. Do you have solution to that?

Talk also about barrenness, you need to ask Sarah what made her tell the husband to go ahead with a “maid”. Its not funny, the kind of pressure she was passing through.

Beauty, make money, weight loss etc. There are so many problems that are really embarasing and people are looking for a solution to.(I will show you where to easily discover them in my next post.).I don’t mean those problem that ONLY  God could solve ooo.

2). Find a Solution:

depending on the problem you discovered, you may already have the solution to it. Or even if you don’t have, we are living in the information age and no problem is unique but we only have unique beings suffering from the same problem.

So some one out there may have that solution.just reach out to him and viola you have the solution your self.

You need to actually research peoples problem to get solutions to it. This research is not as difficult as you think. I will also show you how to go about it.

3) package your solution and sell:

when you have gotten this solution, you need to remember that humans do not buy based on price rather they buy based on perception.

And this is why you need to package this your solution and by so can just name your price.

These your packaged solution can actually come in different forms.

It can be physical (selfie stick, whitening soap etc)


digital (ebooks, video and audio tutorials, webinars,softwares)

Then you also need not to forget that you need to SELL.

Selling online is not difficult. With a basic art and science selling skills you can craft an engaging compelling and high converting sales copy that works the same way the physical sales people do.

Remember we are selling online, you are not seeing this your customer, so your sales copy should be able to persuade them, handle all their possible objection as to “not to buy”.

You also remember, you are not selling this products but rather you are selling solutions.

So also communicate that solution you are selling.

I ask someone the other day, what are you selling and she told me oriflame products.

Who the heck cares about oriflame products?

See! people only cares when they know you cares.

They are that selfish, including me.

So show the you care while selling to them and also know your audience that actually needs your product, meet them where they hangout and just display it.the product starts selling it’self.

The post is already long.

I will like to know your thoughts on this.

If you are also interested in a mo I detailed step by step post on how to go about this…click here to reserve your spot in our

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