30-90-Day Ninja Marketing System To 5X Your Income Per Month

Welcome to this 4-part course presented by Precious Kelechi George. We recommend that you turn off all notifications and distractions and take notes while watching the videos below. Putting into practice what you learn here and it  will be well worth your time and attention. NB: To get better result, follow the calendar.

Watch This Intro Video...below


In this series, you'll discover the simplest (and most repeatable) Structure to break those mental blocks holding you back from earning a decent income online. If your psychology isn't right, all our training would blatantly be a waste. 

Lesson 1: Understanding The 3 Hidden Constitution Of The Devil (& How to tackle it)

If you've been worried sick why what happens around continues or why you've been taking action and nothing seems to work, Pay close attention... This will open your mind to the HIDDEN reason behind it all

 Lesson 2: Why Many Still Live Broke & How To Get Over It...

If you've been going from hand to mouth or doing BIG things yet with little results, this episode will unveil on of the reasons why many put in a lot and get little which often leave them being BROKE.

Lesson 3: The Secret Type Of Mindset of 1% High-Performers Plus 4 Ways To Build On it (It's NOT Positive mindset)

We have seen a lot of lack and poverty around and somehow, this has poisoned our mindset to think that there is only a little for each person which is why many people are even afraid to think big or see themselves achieving any great feature in life. Learn how to break this step-by-step.

Lesson 4: Discover The 2 Ways You Can Seduce Money Now

Always struggling to hit your income goals or 10X your finances? Learn how to seduce her and never let go.

Ninja Action Plan!

  1.  List Down 5 Reasons You Need To Make More Money.
  2.  Set a Target of The Amount you want to make by the end of 60-90days.
  3.  If You were in front of a 1,000+ Crowd, what can you talk to them about?
  4.  list down 7 goals you want to accomplish in the next couple of months.
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stage 2:

Lesson 1: 5 Life Goal Pyramids You Must Adopt Now

Setting goals but not hitting it? Feeling you're not getting some things right? Pay close attention as I unveil the 5 points you MUST set goals on in order to GROW.

Lesson 2: How To 10X Your Income & Goal EASILY without much Effort.

If you've been running in circles and wish to get out of the rut faster, then it's high time you started Building On This Type Of Currency Which Top Performers Use To Grow Faster. Today

Lesson 3: The Currency You Need To Start Building Now, In Order To Grow Faster.

If you've been running in circles and wish to get out of the rut faster, then it's high time you started Building On This Type Of Currency Which Top Performers Use To Grow Faster. Today

Ninja Action Plan!

  1. Take a moment and connect with 3 New people just to know how they're doing and what they do.
  2. Download & Print out this document: Daily Power List
  3.  Rewrite your 7 Goals using the "I Am Excited & Grateful..." Structure. (handwrite this)
  4. Go to any high income hotel or restaurant, take a snap shot of yourself there and drop in our private Telegram or Whatsapp group or send to me privately.

Stage 3:
Product Research & Creation [Day 4 - 10]

You'll learn how to discover products that individuals and organizations are hungry to pay you for. Also, you’ll be shown smart ways to Earn efficiently per month. It's best you know what "Camp" you fall in and focus on that.

Discover the 3  Business Models & Steal It

While Preparing to market or pick what to sell, take a look at the different models every business runs with and choose which you'd love to leverage on. 

Starters Camp 1: This is for you, If you don't have a business or skill or are busy and looking for a side hustle that won't affect your time.

Lesson 1: The Secret RoadMap smart Educators, busy workers

& leaders  use To bank  $500 - $1,000+ Per month

Before talking about skills and so on, this is the best goldmine for anyone to learn. Even if you don't have a platform or audience or following or a student or are just starting. It will transform your income.

Lesson 2: What is "Recommendation Helping" or "Brokerage Marketing", and How to apply it ASAP.

Builders Camp 2: This is for you, if you already have a product or service you do but want to make it better and charge more.

Lesson 1: Discover How To Effortlessly Get Customers In Your Business

Lesson 2: How to Increase the Number of People That Buy WHATEVER You Sell.

Lesson 3: Discover How To Increase Your Price, Charge more and still get clients

stage 4:
Branding & Positioning 

It's one thing to have a winning product, it's another thing to actually position your self for it. Anyways, if you're comfortable selling cheap ₦1k products, then you can skip this class.

Lesson 1: how to build an organic sales authority FB funnel

Discover how to setup your Facebook Profile in a professional way which is secured and optimized to help you get customers. 

Lesson 2: Creating brand designs like a pro (Graphics Design Advanced Training)

Discover how to Create designs for any business or service like a pro.

Special Site To Source HD Pictures

While working to craft great designs, here is a special site you can get HD pictures for FREE

stage 5:
Digital Marketing

This is the most lucrative skill on the internet (Argue with your suya seller). The amazing part of this skill stage is that you can use it to sell practical anything and rake millions. Gaining mastery here, is indeed a step closer to financial freedom. Pick one strategy and put into action at a time.

Oprah Effect Strategy

Lesson 1: The Oprah Effect Strategy.

How to Use The Oprah Effect Strategy to get customers or clients by leveraging other people's large platforms and audience, even if you have zero followers or just starting out.

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stage 6:
Follow-up & Closing 

This is what separates us professionals from amateur netpreneurs. Your ability to target, retarget, follow-up and close deals are indeed goldmines! 

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"The Perfect Authority Sales Engine Strategy  for your Business"

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